What’s the Difference Between the Image Title and the Image ALT Text in WordPress?

Many blog posts, articles, pages and other forms of content come along with images. However, the blogs and websites this content is found within don’t always include the right optimization of the images.

Images can be optimizes for speed and for SEO purposes. This can be done with the ALT tag and the image title. Here’s the difference and how you can use these two parts of the image for better on site SEO.

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What is the Image Title and ALT Text?

The title of the image and the alternative text allow you to add text to the image. This is done through an image ta in HTML and it will appear within the image container if the image cannot be displayed properly. Search engines also see this tag and it helps them to know what the image is all about.

The title of the image shows up when a visitor puts the mouse over the image. This tag is also found within the HTML of the image.

Both of these tags are very important and can make a difference for your on page SEO. They are read by the search engine spiders and will help the search engines understand what you have on your page.

Adding ALT and Image Titles in WordPress

WordPress makes it very easy to add both the ALT tag and the title tag to your images. Simply go to your Media Library and find the image you want to edit. With the edit screen, you will have the option to add a title and an alternative text tag.

When you first upload an image within a page or a post in WordPress, you can add both of these tags from the screen for uploading or choosing the image. This information is found to the right of the image within the pop-up window when you click the “add media” button.

Why Should You Use the ALT and Title Tag for Images?

WordPress users should use both the alternative text and the image title tags on their website and blog. This helps the search engines know what your content is about and provides great SEO benefits.

Google claims they focus more on the alternative text tag, while other search engines may focus more on the title tag. You can either use these as the same text or you can make them a little bit different. When you create both of these tags, you want to be careful not to just stuff keywords into them. Make sure they make sense for the actual image you are using.

Whether you’re using one image or five images with a post or page, you should use the ALT and image tags for all of them. It can actually be helpful to use multiple images in this way, as long as it makes sense with your content.

If you want to benefit from using ALT and image tags with your images, just add them to all the images found on your WordPress website. You will gain better on page SEO and make it easier for search engines to index your content.