Top 5 Websites for Best Free WordPress Themes

WordPress has truly transformed the world of web design. The reason for this is that WordPress has created a medium for website development that a person who is not necessarily savvy on web design can understand. While the majority of WordPress website design is quite simple, there are certain parts that require expertise from a web developer such as hosting for WordPress. That being said, one aspect of WordPress that is very simple is the selection of a theme. While some themes are expensive, there are several stunning themes that are wonderful choices that are ideal choices for hosting for WordPress and are available for free. Here are the top five websites for the best free WordPress themes:

1. Colorlib –

Colorlib is a great site that organizes more than 50 spectacular WordPress themes that can be downloaded for free. What has made this site such a great forum to consider is that the creator is a seasoned web designer who recognizes that one needs a theme that is high quality in order to have the utmost success with WordPress. Thus, the creator has used their trained eye to see which WordPress themes are actually of the necessary quality to put your best foot forward on your upcoming website project. This site provides a great way of sorting through the thousands of different WordPress themes out there and find the best one for your site that is free of charge.

2. Creative Bloq –

Creative Bloq is a great forum for those who are trying to create blogs or more portfolio related websites. Creative Bloq gives the top 35 themes for free on WordPress and gives a brief description of the key attributes to the theme that could be beneficial for various purposes. Additionally, the themes each have several pictures of how they can be adapted to different features. For photographers, fashion bloggers or travel bloggers, Creative Bloq is a great resource for you to consider when making your choice for your WordPress theme that is free.

3. CodeinWP –

CodeinWP is a great resource for the best free WordPress themes. On this particular site, there are more than 60 different themes to choose from that have a demo and download feature on the recommendation. Additionally, what makes CodeinWP great is that each recommended free WordPress theme has a list of key beneficial features for the user to look over. This is quite helpful because choosing a theme can be overwhelming and to the untrained eye, it can be difficult to discover a theme’s potential just based on the demo video. Consider looking over this list for the best possible results in your free WordPress theme search.


ATHEMES is a great choice because they provide a very detailed description and recommendation next to their free WordPress theme recommendations. What these descriptions describe is that the allow someone who is not necessarily tech savvy to know what theme is best for which industry. Additionally, there are sample images of how the theme can be designed along with demo and download buttons for those who are interested in seeing more about what the theme can potentially offer. For the individual who is on the beginner level of web design, ATHEMES is a great forum to find your ideal free WordPress theme.

5. Nimbus Themes –

Nimbus Themes is a great site that has over 75 free and engaging WordPress themes to choose from. Nimbus Themes is one of the most comprehensive lists of potential free themes that provides the most up front information to consumers. If you are looking for a very in depth description of each aspect that potential free WordPress themes are capable of along with images, demos, and download buttons Nimbus Themes is the ideal place for you. Particularly for the blogger, Nimbus Themes has a plethora of themes that are an ideal fit for blogs that focus on photography, fashion, food/wine, and travel.


What is important to remember about designing your WordPress website is that there are many wonderful WordPress compatible themes out there that you do not necessarily have to pay for. What is important to consider before looking at potential WordPress themes is to look at competitors in your industry and see how they designed their webpages. Ask yourself what you liked and did not like. By conducting this assessment, you will be able to find an image of what your ideal theme looks like in your head. Then, when you are browsing potential themes, you will have a better idea of which theme will be the ideal fit for your website. Lastly, remember that you do not necessarily have to pay for the best WordPress themes out there since so many spectacular WordPress themes are available for free.