How to Reach Your Audience via Social Media Platforms

Roughly 31% of the world’s population are active social media users, according to Global Social Media research. That’s a total of 2.31 billion people online worldwide. While social media usage has increased 10 percent since 2015 overall, the rate increased by 17% for those using a mobile device to access social media sites. That’s a […]

Why Web Design and Marketing is Actually a Team Sport

There is often a disconnect between web design and marketing. It’s not unusual to come across an ugly website with high converting copy. And it’s also not unusual to see aesthetic websites without a hint of marketing finesse. This is not  the fault of either the web designer or the marketer. The truth is that both […]

9 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Computer Habits Once and For All

Web designers, like all other computer users, have to get good at some basic computer habits. These include saving, back-ups, clean operating software, antivirus, and updating software. Even if you rely on cloud services, you still have to keep, organize, and maintain professional work on your computer. After all, you may lose your Internet connection in the middle of […]