The Top 3 High Quality Responsive Themes for Joomla 3.6

The overall appearance is one of the most important aspects of any website. Because first impressions are vastly important, the design needs to be clean and easy to use. Since mobile technology is so important in today’s world, the site also needs to be responsive.

After setting up Joomla hosting for the site, a developer needs to find that perfect theme, one that not only looks stunning on a desktop computer, but can appear beautiful on a mobile device as well.

Below are three high-quality themes that deliver mobile appeal operating from Joomla 3.6.


Sienna from RocketTheme is a beautiful example of a multi-use layout. It’s one of those themes that can be used for a wide range of purposes whether it’s to engage readers as a blog or set up a booking site for a hotel. It comes with a myriad of features that that promote virtually any type of online business practice.

Sienna comes stocked with some of the most useful tools when developing a website for any purpose. For those who want a more blog-like appearance to promote content traffic, additions like Joomla Articles and a built-in newsletter may be perfect. Simple Booking and forms can help those looking to create a rental-based site. Even a pricing table is included to show off different packages for products or services.

Because typography plays a role in visitor engagement, there are many things that are possible in Sienna. For example, custom typography and Font Awesome icons help deliver a visual appeal while reading. Information lists and the image grid focus the reader on specific details. Thanks to the Owl Carousel, those images can also be presented in a moving layout to give the site more life.

The layout manager within the theme helps developers create the perfect look. Designers have the ability to use fixed widths to make sure everything fits perfectly. Sienna also comes with integrated social icons to help users create a web of interaction with their favorite profiles.

Because of the way Sienna is developed, it is compatible with some of the most updated software. HTML5, CSS3 and SCSS are just some of the compatible components of this theme. One thing users may want to note is how it’s compatible with the most popular web browsers used today whether it’s from a desktop computer or mobile device.

JD Atlanta

JoomDev is a popular site for many stretching back to the earliest versions of Joomla. It’s no surprise the site would feature at least one theme on this list. JD Atlanta is not only a professional-looking layout, but it also has excellent mobile compatibility.

Because JD Atlanta supports right-to-left layouts, this theme can be used in most language bases. This means that it has potential to look good regardless of geographic location of the designer and the target audience. Whether the site is in American English or developed for a Persian audience, this theme will make the site look good and read well.

This theme comes with AcyMailing. Users are able to collect email address and send newsletters directly from the system. It can be a money-saver for those who want an email marketing platform but don’t have the money to invest in other online services.

Content is an important part of driving traffic. Which is why JD Atlanta helps create it through various extension support. The theme will also show the most latest post on the top of the website. In the event a 404 error page is required, users can customize their own to give it more of a professional appearance and one last chance to engage the visitor.

JD Atlanta also comes equipped with a variety of third-party extensions. For example, Virtuemart 3 can be easily added to this theme while giving the site additional capabilities for eCommerce. For those who want a forum to accompany the site, Kunena support is also possible.


A great theme to use for eCommerce is Shopy by ThemeParrot. This free platform delivers everything an online store would need to get started selling right away. It’s the whole business platform in one elegant and easy-to-use theme for Joomla.

Shopy uses Bootstrap 3 technology and is mobile friendly. Because more people are spending money shopping from smartphones and tablets today, this is very important. It comes with the J2Store shopping cart which can help sellers start promoting goods today. Like the previous theme, this one also supports right-to-left languages, which helps connect with shoppers in other areas of the world.

One of the more attractive aspects of this theme is that developers can use ThemeMagic to customize the layout. This means the site can look completely unique in comparison to the competition. This is important because an online store wants to create that sense of separation.

Shopy also comes with support for Google Fonts, Font Awesome and blog development. Many online stores see the value of creating a blog to further engage customers, which is why more companies are starting to implement them. This theme gives users the tools to do just that.

The Shopy theme is versatile when it comes to installing modules. With more than 20 different positions available, developers can further create the unique experience while customizing the look and feel of the site.

As minimalist designs are often faster and more efficient, Shopy’s development gives it a boost over other themes. Since speed plays a big part in customer engagement and SEO, this is a crucial aspect to consider. Good Joomla hosting helps in establishing a strong site foundation. However, the layout of the site contributes greatly to speed.

In conclusion..

Having the right Joomla hosting plan is only the beginning to building a successful website. The layout, color scheme, images and more will all play into whether the site is capable of keeping visitors engaged. Find a theme that has the potential to accentuate the content. After all, appearances can mean the difference when a visitor is looking for professionalism.