How to Reach Your Audience via Social Media Platforms

Roughly 31% of the world’s population are active social media users, according to Global Social Media research. That’s a total of 2.31 billion people online worldwide. While social media usage has increased 10 percent since 2015 overall, the rate increased by 17% for those using a mobile device to access social media sites. That’s a large number of eyeballs congregating on different social media sites that you can tap into to increase traffic to your website. Here is a small step-by-step guide on how to reach your ideal audience through social media platforms.

Use Responsive Web Design

The numbers indicate that more and more social media users are using smartphones and tablets to access these sites. If you want to drive traffic back to your website, you had better make a website that includes responsive web design. Responsive design changes screen size to adapt to the smaller screens on these devices. It also takes into account that buttons are easier to tap with a thumb than tiny embedded links. Your first step should be to make a website that can be viewed by these devices, not just for aesthetics, but also because Google ranks responsive websites higher than those that don’t include these design features.

Pick Social Media Sites With Your Chosen Demographic

Demographics on various social media sites are different. The Pew Research Center estimates that Facebook dominates all other social media groups, in terms of the number of users on it. A full 72% of Internet users are on Facebook. However, the numbers alone are not going to make a social media site ideal. If you cater to a younger crowd, for instance, than maybe Instagram or Tumblr are better choices for your social media campaigns. In addition, some social media sites, like Pinterest have more female users than males. Research the demographics of the site you want to use and make sure they match with your ideal customer profile before spending too much time there.

Target The Demographic for Your Industry

Once you know that you have an audience available online in social media sites, you have to reach the ones that are interested in what you have to say or what you are selling. There are several ways to raise attention in a particular niche. Here are just a few ways to attract just the right crowd to your social media profiles:

Rub Elbows With the “In” Crowd – Try to friend or follow industry leaders to make sure you start getting involved in the right circles online. Engage them through comments or likes, so that they start to see that you are active online. You not only learn what they do right to attract their crowd, but you also get some credibility simply by being part of their group of friends or followers.

Publish, Original, Engaging Content to Your Feed – It can be your own unique content or content curated from around the web. Don’t just copy others, though, as that will only get you a reputation for being a copycat. Always include some of your own content published on your website with a link back to the entire article. This will increase traffic and bring those ideal viewers back to your site.

Mention People In Your Posts – Twitter mentions can help get you noticed by other big players and work well when in reply to something someone has posted. If they mention you back, then their followers see your username there too and can click to get back to your profile. Don’t just spam; Have something interesting to say.

Use Industry Keywords or Popular Hashtags – If you want to get noticed for a particular topic, use a hashtag that is being used to document that conversation. That way, when people do a search on the hashtag, your postings will come up too. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords will help your postings rank better within search engines. This helps to get exactly the audience you want to visit your feed and then click on the link back to your website. Use hashtags and keywords in status updates, articles, and, more sparingly, in your profile bio.

Create Some Excitement on Your Feed – Why not sponsor a contest on your social media feed? You can give away something, like free products, and ask people to like, share, or comment in order to qualify for an entry to the contest. When they like, share, or comment, the people who are their friends and followers will see your posting on their feed as well. Just remember to put a link back to the details of the contest that goes back to your website.

Integrate Social Media With Content Publishing – If you have a blog, make sure each post has easy share buttons for the top social media platforms you are trying to reach. That way people who visit your website can share the content on their feeds with a click of a button. Consider automating your social media updates so that you can post at different times of the day, when your audience is apt to be online checking out their social media feeds.

Test What Works and Never Stop Improving

When you set up a link back to your website, use shortened links that you can track performance with to figure out what social media sites and topics get a better response rate. You may find some approaches work better in one social media site versus another and can adopt strategies that maximize performance based on that information. Remember that it is considered rude to “sell” people on social media sites and so you have to be a little more subtle with your offers and include other non-commercial information in your publishing content to generate interest. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that social media platforms are a rich area to mine to get a steady stream of traffic to your door.