5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. If your traffic is sparse, your business gets anemic and conversions drop. On the other hand, if traffic increases, you have more people seeing your online offers with a potential for a higher return on your business offerings. If you can bring the ideal customer demographic to your website, you have an easier chance of converting them, since they already want what you’re offering. Here are five different ways to generate organic traffic that gives you highly targeted traffic that increases over time.

5 Ways To Bring Targeted Traffic to Your Door Again and Again

There are only two types of traffic one can get on a site: Paid and organic traffic. Paid traffic comes from advertising campaigns, like Google AdWords. You basically pay for the traffic and someone else brings it to you. Often, once the campaign ends, so does your traffic stream. Paid traffic is not as finely targeted or as consistent as organic traffic. Organic traffic is generated in other ways that brings in customers over time through your online activities. It tends to target your ideal customer base and it increases steadily over time. Try these five different ways to bring organic traffic to your website:

1. Publish High Quality, Optimized, Content

Original content that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies like keywords can help search engines to rank you higher in their Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). This, in turn, brings more traffic to your door as you rank higher for specific long-tail keywords or topics that are important to your ideal customer base. Publish a blog that gets updated frequently and helps your viewers solve problems or improves their lives. Curate content from other sites that you find noteworthy and helpful to share it with your own audience.

2. Create a Community

If you become a portal for a group of people meeting online for a specific reason (that also happens to be important to your business), then you will have people coming back again and again. They will often bring their friends too. If you want to get paid for this type of community, you can also offer to resell your hosting so that they have individual web pages under your own hosting program. In this way, your community becomes filled with professionals that can offer expert advice. In addition, you continue to reap the rewards of an ever-increasing captive audience that funds the community and helps you sell your own products and services when you resell your hosting.

3. Become Active on Social Networks

First, find out which social networks are the best match for your business. Younger crowds tend to like Instagram and Tumbler, whereas women prefer Pinterest. Everyone loves Facebook. Then, set up profiles and begin to connect with like-minded people there. Publish links back to the content on your website to draw the crowds on these social networking platforms back to your own offerings or blog. Make your own group or join groups relevant to your business to draw attention to your own social media profiles and thus bring these users back to your website through links to your blog.

4. Be Mobile-Friendly

Make sure you utilize responsive web design for your website so that people using smartphones and tablets can easily read and navigate your pages. Lean about local keywords, if you want to generate foot traffic through a local business and also have more local searches online recognize you as a business in a specific area. Adopt loyalty clubs that people can keep track of points or rewards with their smartphones, so they are tempted to come back again and again to your online store.

5. Evoke Images to Help People Remember You

Images are powerful for evoking emotions and getting people engaged. They are also highly memorable. Images and video can really do a lot to increase traffic to your website. They can tell a story in record time, which is ideal for an audience with short attention spans. In fact, many sites now use a short video as their home page, choosing to hide the menu, by collapsing it in a corner, to give their home page an immersive, experiential quality to it. However, you can use the power of images to draw attention on social networks and on your website. If you aren’t experienced enough to make your own videos, hire someone to create one for you to start.

Paid Traffic Can Also Help

If you want to “prime the pump” and don’t have time to wait for organic traffic to gain momentum, you can use paid advertising campaigns to start the ball rolling. You can use them via search engines, like Google AdWords campaigns, or through social media platforms, like in Facebook Advertising. This can generate a large surge in views immediately, which is impressive for those organic visitors who see a crowd forming around your website. However, it’s always best to remember that once a campaign ends, the crowds may dissipate and to have a plan in place to generate organic traffic that climbs steadily from then on.